These Photographers for Some Lightroom Reviews

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  • Lightroom reviews that are so valuable for your photo editing
  • Getting the right tools when editing and enhancing your photos

Just what exactly are these lightroom reviews by photographers? What makes them so popular that even seasoned artists are convinced of its value? Lightroom reviews by photographers, to start with, should be the epitome of a photography review.


There are sites online that offer reviews, but their reviewers are not photography practitioners, in the first place. That might be a bit convenient to that site, but clients are not getting what they really want, and that is, a comprehensive review of a particular photo from lightroom. Lightroom is actually making ways for you to edit your images in an easy way.

One of the good things about these lightroom reviews by photographers is that these are based on real life situations and experiences, so you can expect authenticity within these reviews. These are not theoretical impressions, but photography that is closer to its subjects.

That’s how awesome these reviews are. There is nothing to speculate whether or not this reviewer is talking from a distance, but that it is taken out of some unique and oftentimes peculiar experience from the reviewer.

So these lightroom reviews by photographers are not your fly-by-night reviews you can read online. These reviews serve as guides for you to churn out quality photos in the process. Don’t set them aside and consider them as time wasters. They are your tools for that desired effect you want to have with your photos.

And who says you can’t give presets as gifts to your photographer friends? They are great gifts for camera lovers even because it helps in the editing process, not just relying solely on their sophisticated cameras. So why not start reading reviews about it, and start choosing that suitable preset for your images.

Visit that site right now that offers lightroom reviews by photographers. There’s really no other way for you to make enhancements to your photos the way that suits your fancy, but through these lightroom reviews by photographers.


Becoming an Expert Photographer with Sleeklens

  • Checking out this September workflow product review from Sleeklens
  • An online photography store with the best product reviews
  • Becoming a better photographer with Sleeklens products

It’s so great if you can get hold of a workflow product review because that would help your photo editing a lot. And there are tons of it online, workflow reviews that make photo editing so easy, enabling you to create and produce photos in bunches. Just as in the case with Sleeklens, where a list of workflow reviews for September is now in the loop.


Get a hold of this Sleeklens workflow product September review right now. Be the first to get a glimpse of what’s latest in the (photography) workflow scene, so you can make improvements to your photos before others can even make adjustments in their work.

That’s how Sleeklens keep you updated. For sure, this Sleeklens workflow product September review promises to be more informative than the previous one, more complete in terms of showing you the latest gadgets that have come out since that last review.

Photography has its upgrade almost by the day. And what better way to keep you updated on the latest happenings than by checking out on this Sleeklens workflow product September review. There’s no shortage of tips from it, new workflow habits that you can emulate for a much better photo editing in the process.

It’s the secret, really, for you to get ahead of your competitors. This Sleeklens workflow product September review will make you an authority of some sort, after extracting a thing or two from this review, people will then follow your lead, whether that app used or that editing style that allows you to create stunning images.

So, visit their site today, and elevate your photography in no time with this Sleeklens workflow product September review.


How High Can You Fly Your quadcopter?

  • Quadcopter basics
  • Quadcopter laws
  • Quadcopter resources

Quadcopters are basically upgraded versions of those old RC helicopters that you saw around 10-15 years ago. These quadcopters are basically using four rotors instead of the 2 rotors being used by RC helicopters. Those four rotors are the key to operating a quadcopter properly. Those 4 rotors can be controlled through a console or even a smart phone app. The controlling device communicates with the quadcopter using WiFi signals.


Due to the popularity of quadcopters today, the FAA has deemed it necessary to place restrictions on the flight limitations of drones. The question “how can you fly your quadcopter?” doesn’t necessarily yield a straightforward answer. If you are asking the limitations of a commercial drone, then the answer is around 6 miles(that would be the modified ones) and 1 mile for most drones available in the market today. But if you are asking how high should you fly the drone that would be a different story. The limit required by the law only permits you to fly a drone within 400 feet of a structure.

Aside from limiting the flight distance, owning one will also have to mean you have to register your quadcopter to the FAA. There are two types of registration, the personal and the company registration. They are classified according to the purpose of you flying a drone. If you aim to fly and record videos and share it on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, all you need to get is a personal registration. But if you intend to use it for business purposes like shooting wedding videos and documenting events, you need to have the company registration.

So there you go. If you are looking for other resources about quadcopters, you can go to and check out their reviews, tutorials and tips about anything related to drones/quadcopters. You will find it to your liking, I’m sure of it!


Finding Photos through Keywords

  • Putting keywords to images enhanced by Photoshop actions
  • Safekeeping files by putting keywords to images
  • Photos getting more exposure through keywords

One of the best things about Photoshop actions is that you can make a more personalized editing by adding keywords to it. If you are meticulous about making a system out of editing your photos, then adding keywords to your images certainly helps a lot. For instance, if you are fond of using “great landscapes” to your outdoor scenes because you get so many “likes” in return, then keep using similar keywords like this…

Sometimes it’s just a matter of keeping a system for you to get the most out of your photo images. And besides, seldom can you find an app that allows you to put keywords to your images, only Photoshop actions are capable of doing it. So as an up and coming landscape artist with that penchant of using keywords that has something to do with landscapes, it is imperative that you need to keep using similar keywords like this…

That will get your landscape scenes more exposure in the long run, because online search systems take its cue most of the time with keywords and, needless to say, if you keep using similar keywords like this… keywords such as “outdoors”, “landscapes” and the like, your images will be evenly distributed online.

So don’t stop, keep using similar keywords like this… It is only a matter of time before someone finds your photos and finds it great. Putting keywords is quite a novel thing of safekeeping your images. You don’t need to use other gadgets just to store your files. With Photoshop, all you need is an appropriate keyword just to secure your photo, so keep using similar keywords like this…


Photo Style and Substance with Cameradojo

  • A photography site that offers a comprehensive take on photography
  • Using appropriate photography tools by taking cue of Cameradojo’s reviews
  • Photography tools that suits your style and personality through Cameradojo

If you haven’t encountered Cameradojo before, then this is the time for you to get acquainted with the ultimate digital photography school online. Your photography experience is not complete without some take from Cameradojo.

Cemeradojo takes you on a journey. This is the site that offers a comprehensive take of the latest trends in photography, whether the tools that you need to use or the genres that you need to consider. Their intelligent reviews alone give you an extensive look about anything photography, allowing you to choose the type of tools perfect for your brand of photography. If you want to see more at Cameradojo, just check out this link,

One of the best things about Cameradojo is that it has its own tutorials, something that budding photographers need. Seldom can you find a photography site online that not only offers reviews of the best cameras in town, but provides assistance as well, in the form of tutorials. This gives everybody a chance to become a photographer in their own right. See more at Cameradojo regarding their tutorials in this link,

Since Cameradojo is a school, a tutorial is always in place. Cameradojo is helpful enough by providing tips through their product reviews, equipping those who dig photography with valuable information about cameras, drones and what have you. See more at Cameradojo today, and know the latest of what’s going on and what’s new in the photography world.

There’s substance when you have a lot of options, especially to a product. That has been the staple of, because they have these iherb codes that enables you to choose the supplement that befits your need. That, too, is what cameradojo is trying to achieve with these informative reviews that highlight their gadgets.

This is just an introduction of what Cameradojo is all about. And now that you know something about this cool photography shop online, it is now time to visit the site and see more at Cameradojo, where your photography fantasies look so real.


Why Do You Really Need A Good Resume?

  • What is a resume
  • Why do you need a good one
  • Where can you get a good template

Every jobseeker needs the right tools in order to land a job. One of the major contributors to landing a job is a resume. This document contains all the relevant information that an employer needs in order to decide if you are qualified for the position that you are applying for. It is a list of your academic qualifications as well as previous work experience. You can also include trainings that you’ve undergone and special skills related to the position you are applying for. Let us not forget your contact details. It should always be in your resume.


Why do you need a good resume then? There is a saying that “First impressions last!” This is the whole reason why you need a good resume to begin with. You want to make an impression that you are worthy of the position you are applying for. Since this is your only chance to impress a potential employer prior to meeting with him or her, you will really need to make sure that the potential employer will even consider meeting and interviewing you for the position. Most people say that employers only look at resumes for a few seconds and I believe that’s a fact. That is why it is imperative to make the most out of those precious few seconds and leave a good impression.

Of course, the look of the resumes is as important as the content. No one likes to read a resume full of clutter. That is where a simple resume template can be of major help. By using that template, all you need to do is arrange the information that you are going to put in. You can get a simple resume template from Just do a search and click on the link to download it. Trust me, your job search will be better for it.


More Benefits from Adobe Lightroom

  • Some of the reasons why I love to use Lightroom presets for my images.
  • Lightroom presets are more like Photoshop actions.
  • Another great benefit of Lightroom is the smart preview.

 I’ve been using Adobe Lightroom for almost two years and still haven’t experienced any major issues on it. When I heard about the program few years ago, I know it is the right tool for me and for my images. Even though I heard a lot of advantages and disadvantages, I didn’t listen to any one of it and install lightroom presets instead. Adobe Lightroom for free is indeed one of the greatest tool Adobe has ever created and most photographers will agree that it can make our lives easier than ever.



I decided to write up this article because I want to share with you the reasons why I love to use Lightroom presets for my images.

Useful Presets

Lightroom presets are more like Photoshop actions. However, in my opinion, it is easier than actions. Basically, when Lightroom was released, Adobe said that the tool is designed for professional photographers, but as the years went by, it was also proved to be useful for beginners.

Comparing Edited Images Side by Side

Another great benefit of Lightroom is the smart preview or the ability to view the before and after of the edited image. Moreover, you are also allowed to modify it in that side by side mode for a speedy editing process.

Slideshow Feature

If you like to view all your edited images, Lightroom has the ability to create a slideshow presentation. Not just that, you can choose which theme or template to use and add relevant text and music to it.

Printing Opportunity

I’ve tried several photo editing tools and none of them have great printing features. With Adobe Lightroom, there’s no need to worry about damaging the quality of the image since the tool itself will make sure that it prints the right quality.

These are just some of the greatest advantages of Lightroom for me. If you’re curious about it then maybe now is the time to get yourself a Lightroom plan.


Camera Bag Types

  • Introduction about camera bags
  • Types of camera bags
  • Where can I read good reviews about camera bags

If you are a true blue photographer, then you will most likely own lots of gear. From lenses, sd cards, lights, reflectors, secondary camera, and other stuff. All of this gear will have to be placed inside somewhere right? That’s where camera bags come in. Camera bags are perfect to keep your photography intact when travelling from one location to another to do a photo shoot. Getting the right bag can sometimes be a chore. You have to know what you are looking for in order to make it an easier process.


Before you start looking for a camera bag, you have to know what the types of camera bags are. That way, you can choose wisely. The most common camera bags are the backpack types. Backpacks are ideal for the photographer who has a lot of stuff to carry like lenses, tripods, camera bodies or other camera accessories. The reason is, the load of the weight is easily distributed when wearing a backpack and it can carry gear at a large amount for a longer period of time without causing strain on your body. See more camera bags at Sleeklens if you are looking for the brands of backpacks to buy.

Another type of camera bag is the messenger bag type. This bag is ideal for the photographer who only carries the essentials. A couple of lenses, and perhaps maybe a couple of batteries is suitable to place inside a messenger bag.  This way, you can move around more flexibly without having to lug around a huge backpack.

Tote bags are another type of camera bag. This bag is ideal for people who carry less gear, maybe an extra lens and a few sd cards. This is probably the most used bag especially for beginners since they don’t have to lug around a lot of gear just to take pictures.

Now you have a better view of the types of camera bags out in the market, you can now start looking for one. If you want a more in depth information, see more camera bags at Sleeklens. They provide accurate reviews of the products out in the market today.


Presets, Portraits and Pastoral Scenes

  • Presets specifically designed for portraits and landscape scenes via Lightroom
  • A photo app with so many options for editing photo images
  • Professional-looking portraits through Lightroom presets

Enhancing portraits and landscapes is quite intricate. You just can’t enhance these types of photography using ordinary tools, you need a special type of photography app for you to make significant improvements to it.


But I like these presets for portraits and landscape from Lightroom. They bring out the beauty of your photos in a diversified way. It edits images like no other tool, whether it’s a portrait or a landscape shot, Lightroom is definitely the tool to use.

So what makes these presets so special really? Two things: options and ornaments.

With Lightroom, you have so many options when editing your photos. More than 500 presets are lined up for the enhancement of your photos. This gives you enough in terms of presenting your photos on your website or social media account.

With ornaments, on the other hand, you get to use effects that you wouldn’t normally find when it comes to editing photos. You can transform your ordinary photo into a black and white masterpiece or a vintage classic, depending on your style and mood. Lightroom allows you to enhance your photo the way you wanted it to be. Imagine the effect it can give to your portraits and landscape scenes.

I like these presets for portraits and landscape from Lightroom because it always makes you look good and professional looking, the kind of photos you would see inside photography studios and galleries.

I have been using Lightroom for years, and I can vouch for its value when it comes to enhancements and effect, but I like these presets for portraits and landscape because I love to post these kinds of pictures on my website and social media  sites.


A Quick Look at Helmet Cameras

• Using a helmet camera for a different point of view
• Two types of helmet cameras that you need to determine before using any of those
• Using helmet cameras not just in sports, but for research purposes like a documentary

Helmet cameras are a dime a dozen these days. A helmet cam came into the scene courtesy of these raceway championships where spectators want to see a glimpse of the action by attaching a camera into the helmet. Ever since its introduction in the late 80s, helmet cams have become one of the more popular gadgets in the race tracks.


But a helmet cam has its own unique evolution. Some people use helmet cams not for sports, but for research or for doing expedition work, like making documentaries and reports. It’s so convenient, you don’t have to hold the camera anymore when taking a video, and many view helmet cams as an uptake, a development, as far as video and photography point of view is concerned.

Helmet cams are classified into two categories, namely, Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) and Charge-Coupled Device (CCD). Although both cameras have almost the same type of function, CCD, however, is more powerful than CMOS because it has 12VDC power as compared to the latter with 5VDC. CCD’s have superior photo quality and a much better color replication compared to CMOS.

But helmet cameras, most of the time, are associated with sports. It’s where the real action takes place. Even paragliders use bullet cameras, another name for helmet camera, for them to capture the essence of flying, and to show viewers what it feels like to float in the air.

A helmet camera would cost much, but if you can have one, it’s worth it. You’ll be able to take your viewers in that unique ride of yours. Just another way of capturing a particular scene through the lens of your helmet camera.