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If you are a true blue photographer, then you will most likely own lots of gear. From lenses, sd cards, lights, reflectors, secondary camera, and other stuff. All of this gear will have to be placed inside somewhere right? That’s where camera bags come in. Camera bags are perfect to keep your photography intact when travelling from one location to another to do a photo shoot. Getting the right bag can sometimes be a chore. You have to know what you are looking for in order to make it an easier process.


Before you start looking for a camera bag, you have to know what the types of camera bags are. That way, you can choose wisely. The most common camera bags are the backpack types. Backpacks are ideal for the photographer who has a lot of stuff to carry like lenses, tripods, camera bodies or other camera accessories. The reason is, the load of the weight is easily distributed when wearing a backpack and it can carry gear at a large amount for a longer period of time without causing strain on your body. See more camera bags at Sleeklens if you are looking for the brands of backpacks to buy.

Another type of camera bag is the messenger bag type. This bag is ideal for the photographer who only carries the essentials. A couple of lenses, and perhaps maybe a couple of batteries is suitable to place inside a messenger bag.  This way, you can move around more flexibly without having to lug around a huge backpack.

Tote bags are another type of camera bag. This bag is ideal for people who carry less gear, maybe an extra lens and a few sd cards. This is probably the most used bag especially for beginners since they don’t have to lug around a lot of gear just to take pictures.

Now you have a better view of the types of camera bags out in the market, you can now start looking for one. If you want a more in depth information, see more camera bags at Sleeklens. They provide accurate reviews of the products out in the market today.

Camera Bag Types

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