• Putting keywords to images enhanced by Photoshop actions
  • Safekeeping files by putting keywords to images
  • Photos getting more exposure through keywords

One of the best things about Photoshop actions is that you can make a more personalized editing by adding keywords to it. If you are meticulous about making a system out of editing your photos, then adding keywords to your images certainly helps a lot. For instance, if you are fond of using “great landscapes” to your outdoor scenes because you get so many “likes” in return, then keep using similar keywords like this…

Sometimes it’s just a matter of keeping a system for you to get the most out of your photo images. And besides, seldom can you find an app that allows you to put keywords to your images, only Photoshop actions are capable of doing it. So as an up and coming landscape artist with that penchant of using keywords that has something to do with landscapes, it is imperative that you need to keep using similar keywords like this…

That will get your landscape scenes more exposure in the long run, because online search systems take its cue most of the time with keywords and, needless to say, if you keep using similar keywords like this… keywords such as “outdoors”, “landscapes” and the like, your images will be evenly distributed online.

So don’t stop, keep using similar keywords like this… It is only a matter of time before someone finds your photos and finds it great. Putting keywords is quite a novel thing of safekeeping your images. You don’t need to use other gadgets just to store your files. With Photoshop, all you need is an appropriate keyword just to secure your photo, so keep using similar keywords like this…

Finding Photos through Keywords

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