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Quadcopters are basically upgraded versions of those old RC helicopters that you saw around 10-15 years ago. These quadcopters are basically using four rotors instead of the 2 rotors being used by RC helicopters. Those four rotors are the key to operating a quadcopter properly. Those 4 rotors can be controlled through a console or even a smart phone app. The controlling device communicates with the quadcopter using WiFi signals.


Due to the popularity of quadcopters today, the FAA has deemed it necessary to place restrictions on the flight limitations of drones. The question “how can you fly your quadcopter?” doesn’t necessarily yield a straightforward answer. If you are asking the limitations of a commercial drone, then the answer is around 6 miles(that would be the modified ones) and 1 mile for most drones available in the market today. But if you are asking how high should you fly the drone that would be a different story. The limit required by the law only permits you to fly a drone within 400 feet of a structure.

Aside from limiting the flight distance, owning one will also have to mean you have to register your quadcopter to the FAA. There are two types of registration, the personal and the company registration. They are classified according to the purpose of you flying a drone. If you aim to fly and record videos and share it on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, all you need to get is a personal registration. But if you intend to use it for business purposes like shooting wedding videos and documenting events, you need to have the company registration.

So there you go. If you are looking for other resources about quadcopters, you can go to quadcopterguru.com and check out their reviews, tutorials and tips about anything related to drones/quadcopters. You will find it to your liking, I’m sure of it!

How High Can You Fly Your quadcopter?

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